What is an Allergy?

When I pose this question, what I am referring to is the incessant questioning you receive from your pharmacy, your doctor, and heaven forbid you end up in the hospital. You might as well tattoo your allergy history on your forehead you get asked about it so often. With all of this practice, I would expect most of us would be very good at answering the question. However, I have noticed that a lot of people just don’t understand what an allergy is and why we ask. Continue reading What is an Allergy?

How To Choose a Pharmacy

So, you read my last post and now you are thinking that you might need to seek out a new pharmacy to serve you better. Maybe they make you wait too long. Maybe they don’t do what they say they will do. Maybe you just don’t connect with them personally. Whatever the reason, let’s talk about how to do this. The two most common reasons why most people don’t switch their pharmacy are 1.) they think it will be a hassle or 2.) they think all pharmacies are a pain so why not just use the one closest to the house even if it is a pain. Continue reading How To Choose a Pharmacy

Do You Know My Name?

Ok, that is a weird question. Who’s name are we talking about? You probably already know my name if you are on this site. That is not me in the picture up there, by the way. I opted for a picture of a much better looking Pharmacist than myself. Am I saying you need to know your Pharmacist’s name in order to get better service? That’s pretty arrogant! Well, I am saying that, but not quite in that way. The title of this post is actually a tip of the hat to one of my favorite fictional Pharmacists, Walter White, who famously demanded “Say my name!” So, let’s discuss what I really mean here. Continue reading Do You Know My Name?

Save Money on Your Prescriptions Using Manufacturer Coupons

I had a great experience at work this week. One of my customers came in and he had just been diagnosed with a blood clot. His Physician wrote him a prescription for Xarelto, a blood thinner, to take for 3 weeks. He brought it to us to fill and we discovered that his insurance does not cover it. His cost was going to be $520!! I heard my technician advise him to look for a coupon online. He clearly did not understand what she was talking about. He wasn’t going to NOT fill a prescription for a blood clot, no matter the price. Continue reading Save Money on Your Prescriptions Using Manufacturer Coupons