About Brady Cole and Helpful Pharmacist

Hello, I’m Brady Cole. I live in Texas with my wife and 2 children and I work full time in a retail pharmacy. In my 19 years of helping people manage their health and medications, I’ve seen firsthand the value that a trusted pharmacist can bring to peoples lives.  It’s what I do every day. I enjoy my job and helping people every day but I want to do more. My interest in writing makes this a natural next step for me. I want to have a farther reach than just the people who live within half a mile of my store or the mothers of my kids’ friends. This will be an outlet for me to speak to a broader audience in a setting where I can really spend time and effort on the most important part of my job.

Some of the things you will read here are tips and tricks to make your life easier at the pharmacy, information about over the counter and prescription medications, ways to cut medication costs, answers to questions that you present, and more.

I believe in maintaining a positive attitude so you won’t see me spending much time bashing my industry or complaining about my job or my customers. I encourage your interaction on the site. I would love to read your comments and answer your questions, either in a post or a personal message. I expect that you will also maintain a positive attitude when commenting. It is ok if you don’t agree with me, just no personal attacks or profanity, because you will not see any of that coming from me.

I hope you will enjoy Helpful Pharmacist. If you do, please remember to share with others who you think would benefit from becoming a reader. I look forward to meeting you.